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  1. Tiger Train


The Tiger Trains a Coming, it’s rolling round the bend
And we aint seen the finals since I don’t know when.
We’ve been stuck in ninth position where time kept dragging on.
But now the Tiger Trains a coming so you better hop on!!

When I was just a baby my muma told me son,
You can go for Footscray, Collingwood or Essendon,
I said mum I am a Tiger and thats how i’m going to stay
And i’ll keep dreaming of September on board the Tiger Train

We’ve got our Talkin Tigers we listen week to week
We’ve got our hats and scarves, we’ve got our memberships
With the Tiger army Roaring it won’t be far away,
to that one day in September
On board the Tiger Train

Well the Tiger Train aint stopping we aint turning back
With an Army of supporters that bleed the Yellow and Black
It’s been a long time since September, but it’s worth the pain
For in the good times and the bad we’re on the Tiger Train!