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Every human on this earth has a story...you have one....Elvis has one and Tommy Memphis has one. Tommy’s story in show business starts on the streets of Surfers Paradise working crowds of tourists with his humour, energy and voice. Then making a leap, Tommy got his chance at Twin Towns Breaking into the club circuit the taking it by storm winning over new fans with his unusual entertainment style.

Then one day Tommy decided to drop the Elvis Impersonating side of his show feeling he needed to create and sing a range of music and let his own personality shine through. This was a time when fans could have turned their backs but instead they stuck by him and enjoyed this new chapter of his career.

Tommy always gives thanks to Elvis for the inspiration, hope and happiness that the King has given him. Tommy would not be the entertainer he is today without Elvis Presley.

It was this realisation that has inspired Tommy to pay tribute to the king once more.  Memphis Memories is Tommy’s way of saying Thank you to Elvis and to the Elvis fans that have stuck by him.

With crowd interaction at a maximum, everybody in the room pays tribute to the king not just Tommy Memphis. 

Elvis was a limited edition, but he would be first to say we all are and to follow your dream wherever that dream may lead.

Come and celebrate the energy, humour and music of the king

And be a part of a unique show that simply says

Thank you Elvis